Spectrum Plastering Services
Serving the Front Range and Southern Wyoming
Services We Provide

"Plaster and Stucco" incorporate a large "Spectrum" of materials and applications, thus
the name of our company. We have the experience and knowledge to service all of your
needs on most any project, large or small, from new construction to remodel to
refurbish and repair. Please contact Kyle Parker for more information. Below is a brief
description of our services. Of course we serve commercial and residential contractors
as well as individual home owners.
  • Conventional (lath and plaster) Stucco
       (also known as hard-coat)
     > Cement and sand over metal lath over
        moisture barrier.
     > Durable
     > Fire resistant
     > Versatile
     > We always caulk all openings and install
         flashing where needed for a water tight job.
     > Acrylic finish recommended
  • Synthetic Stucco
     > Acrylic/cement base-coat over fiberglass
      mesh over EPS foam board over moisture
   > Versatile
    > Light-weight
   > Good insulation
     > Acrylic Finish
     > Caulk around all openings
  • Interior Gypsum Plaster
     > Traditional plastering material
     > Durable
     > Extremely versatile
 > Used for "old world" ornamental appeal
     > Custom Fireplaces, cornices etc.
     > Shapes and forms only achievable with
     > Veneer finishes available for walls
  • Remodel, or Retrofit existing buildings
     > We can stucco over old siding or brick
        and make your building look like new.
  • Repair
     > We do patching of all kinds.
     > Water damage
     > Patching around new windows/doors
     > Woodpecker damage
     > Moisture intrusion caulking and sealing
     > Kick-out flashing
  • Drywall texturing
     >  Want a custom trowel texture?
         Call Spectrum
About Moisture Intrusion

The key to a long lasting, worry free stucco job is proper
flashing and sealing. Spectrum Plastering has an
untarnished history of doing stucco the right way. We have
never had a call-back for moisture leaks in our 11 year history.
More important than a good looking stucco job, is a
thoroughness in making sure that the job will perform in
keeping water out. We know how to use caulk and flashing.
We warranty our work for a minimum of one year, depending
on the system you choose. Contact Kyle Parker for more

Pictured to the right is a kick-out flashing repair. This home
was not flashed properly to begin with. Over the years we have
done many repairs due to improper flashing. Without proper
kick-out flashing, water runs behind the stucco/siding, often
causing costly damage.
Typical Hard-Coat Sample
Millway Residence. Loveland, CO
Millway Residence, Loveland, CO
Before Gypsum Plaster
After Gypsum plaster
Custom Fireplace in Progress
Before Stucco
After Retrofit
Proper Kick-out Flashing
Above is a before and after of a
typical synthetic stucco home
Below is a before and after of a
typical retrofit stucco home
Above is a sample of a typical
"hard-coat" stucco system
Below are examples of traditional
ornamental gypsum plaster
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